Betting promotions offered in Australia

We identify and explain the latest betting promotions on offer from Australia’s leading online bookmakers. There are so many different offers available, that it we thought it best to explain the virtues of each promotion.

Popular betting promotions explained

Bet boost

Bet boost is a form of promotion offered by many Australian betting sites. The product boosts either the bet amount, or fixed odds, at no extra cost to existing customers. The promotion is referred to as Odds Boost by some betting sites.

Early payout

An early payout is a form of promotion offered by bookmakers that sees bets paid out as winners before the event is complete. For example, if your selected AFL team leads by 24 points, and the bookmaker has advertised a promotion on the match, they will declare the wager a winner, even if the match turns on its head and the other team wins. Sportsbet has been known to offer this promotion to eligible residents.

Finish 2nd or 3rd bonus

Betting companies offer numerous promotions on selected horse races. A common offer sees a bookmaker provide a bonus bet refund for losing bets where the selection finishes 2nd or 3rd. This type of horse racing promotion normally only applies to fixed odds bets.

Multi bet refund

Several betting agencies offer refunds on losing multi bets, provided the bets only fail by one leg. For example, BetEasy, has in the past offered bonus bet refunds for 4+ leg multi bets where the wager fails by only one leg.